Saturday 29 November 2014

Roy Keane - The Second Half review

As a Sunderland fan, I enjoyed it.  Roy clearly had (and still has) great affection for Sunderland.  I felt the emotion when he departed Man United, and was quite surprised at the emotions of what I previously perceived to be a hot headed man.  There are some funny moments in the book, like not signing a player because of his answering machine message and not taking to Ipswich because they played in blue.

Although written with Roddy Doyle, I think Roy has played a big part in writing the book.  I felt his voice coming through and not just with all the swearing!  There are a lot of facts and figures that probably won't be terribly interesting to any non-Sunderland or Ipswich fans.

I always had respect for Roy Keane but this book certainly changed my impression of him.  I thought Roy would have lost his temper more with the players; Sunderland does test you sometimes!   I do think Roy's emotions show on his face, so perhaps one of his scowls would have more effect than a temper tantrum.

A nice insight into the transition from player to manager, written with honesty and integrity.

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Friday 28 November 2014

What I was reading when I started my blog

I haven't read an autobiography for a while so, being a Sunderland fan, I picked up the new Roy Keane book.  I'm about half way through and had my one and only laugh out loud moment at the expense of Newcastle (sorry Mags fans).  I've found it easy to read but a bit jumbled in the first half, jumping between Man U and Ireland.  Still, I'm enjoying it so far and it's giving a rare insight into the life of a new manager.  I look forward to giving my final thoughts when my reading is done!