Saturday 29 November 2014

Roy Keane - The Second Half review

As a Sunderland fan, I enjoyed it.  Roy clearly had (and still has) great affection for Sunderland.  I felt the emotion when he departed Man United, and was quite surprised at the emotions of what I previously perceived to be a hot headed man.  There are some funny moments in the book, like not signing a player because of his answering machine message and not taking to Ipswich because they played in blue.

Although written with Roddy Doyle, I think Roy has played a big part in writing the book.  I felt his voice coming through and not just with all the swearing!  There are a lot of facts and figures that probably won't be terribly interesting to any non-Sunderland or Ipswich fans.

I always had respect for Roy Keane but this book certainly changed my impression of him.  I thought Roy would have lost his temper more with the players; Sunderland does test you sometimes!   I do think Roy's emotions show on his face, so perhaps one of his scowls would have more effect than a temper tantrum.

A nice insight into the transition from player to manager, written with honesty and integrity.

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