Saturday 7 February 2015

Addition - Toni Jordan

I've had this book staring at me on my e-bookcase for a while so it tempted me one day and I started to read.

Grace has an obsessive compulsive disorder that compels her to count everything.  She meets Seamus in a local supermarket when she takes a banana out of his basket after she arrived at the till with the incorrect number of bananas.

Grace begins a relationship with Seamus and agrees to go to therapy when her counting gets in the way of life.  The interesting part for me, was the effect the therapy had on Grace.  Yes, she no longer had the compulsion to count everything but she wasn't Grace anymore.  The counting made Grace who she was, warts and all.

It gave a good insight into mental health issues and I found it quite a serious topic, despite it being labelled as a comedy.

It's not a book I would recommend but it taught me to accept people for who they are.  Who says having a compulsion to count is odd?  Maybe we're all a little odd (or even)!

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