Saturday 7 March 2015

In a True Light - John Harvey

Thriller time!  I have mixed feelings about this book.  It's set in London and New York with a bit of Tuscany in between.  In London, Sloane is released from prison for forging art.  In Tuscany, Sloane's ex and famous artist Jane is dying.  In New York, a woman's beaten body is found by the roadside (although there is a police investigation it is clear who the perpetrator is).

The story does link together nicely - Sloane visits Jane in Italy as she is dying and finds out he has a daughter who is a singer in New York.  He promises Jane on her deathbed that he will find their daughter, Connie.  So he jets off to New York and finds Connie with her controlling partner, Delaney.

There are three parts to the story; Sloane building a relationship with his daughter; the London police using Sloane to build a case against the man behind the art forging that sent Sloane to prison; and the New York cops trying to put Delaney behind bars.

It was an entertaining read but not really a thriller.  Maybe a one to take on holiday.

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