Saturday 25 July 2015

The Morning After Memoirs - Kate Michaels

A smart, irreverent slant on modern dating, Kate Michaels’ sexy, laugh-out-loud debut reimagines the world of Sex And The City with the biting realism of Lena Dunham’s Girls. Twenty-nine-year-old Jess wakes up on New Year’s Day a touch hungover and a whole lot confused. The man in bed next to her is not her boyfriend, Ben. In fact, she doesn’t even remember Not-Ben’s name. It won’t be the first time she finds herself in a questionable situation in a year that proves her new single-in-the-city lifestyle is far from the glamorous, Sex And The City world she’s been promised on TV. Between hacking through last year’s leg hair, accidentally snogging someone who may well be her cousin, getting hit over the head with a sex toy that isn’t even hers, and ending the night with a walk of shame into her parent’s garage, Jess’s single life is turning out more cockroaches than cocktails. The Morning After Memoirs is the story of one woman’s search for love, meaning, and a low-calorie alternative to wine.

What did I think?

I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end.  It was written with so much underlying humour and I frequently laughed out loud at not only the antics of Jess but also of her parents.  I chortled, guffawed, and giggled my way through it in no time at all - leaving me wanting more!

I had an instant affinity with Jess as she gives names to people like I do (Not-Ben, Hot Waiter Number Two, Tweedledum and Tweedledumber) and even used one of my frequent phrases - stranger danger!  Jess was an immediately likeable character because she's not perfect and seemed a bit clueless - a bit more Bridget Jones than Carrie Bradshaw, but a perfect mix between the two.  She's a normal girl who makes mistakes and struggles with her weight like most normal people - there's an extremely amusing reference to fat jeans!  Amusing to those of us with said fat jeans at the bottom of our wardrobe, or not so amusing to those of us with them on our bottoms!

The book starts and ends at consecutive New Years with a hilarious look at a year in the life of Jess in between.  Jess goes through a breakup, moves house, finds a new job and turns 30 - all with very amusing results.  I liked how every time a new character is introduced they get a dating website style mini bio, often with irrelevant information but that's what makes it funny.  Chris - 5ft 8", brown eyes, likes pugs...nope, Jess doesn't have a pug!

In my opinion, this was better than Bridget Jones' Diary as it was more realistic and completely my brand of humour.  This ain't chicklit, it's so much better - a funny, sassy look at the life of a modern woman living in London.  Don't get me wrong, this isn't a comedy but with so many water bombs of comedic excellence dropped in, it was definitely a 5 star read.

A great read for Bridget Jones and Sex and the City fans or anyone who's ever bought an exercise dvd and sat on the sofa to watch it!

I received this e-book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

My rating:

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