Wednesday 30 September 2015

F**k This Journal: Betterness Through Bitterness - Dale Shaw

Many journals exist to encourage and provoke inspirational activity in the artistically and creatively inclined. But what is out there for those paralysed with bitterness and an overwhelming desire to push people over?
F**k This Journal faecally pollutes all over the notion of positive creative encouragement and instead uses anger and resentment as the pointy stick to goad their inner artistic pursuits.
With 'testimonials' from famous creative types through history, inspiring instructions to spur your bitter creative core and lots of blank space to exhort your artistic spirit and save costs, F**k This Journalliberally takes the wee out of twee inspiration journals and forges its own path into the brooding heart of darkness that is 'Cre-hate-tivity'.

With added fun!

What did I think?

I had high hopes for this - I have a good sense of humour so I did have a few laughs but not as many as I expected.  I liked the journal style of the book and the fun illustrations throughout.  I loved the "I wonder what your pet is thinking?" page along with the "Think outside the box, push the envelope" page.  My favourite has to be the star that I will share with you - because next time somebody says "you're a star" don't take it as a compliment, take it as the insult it was clearly intended to be!  I shared this quote with my cousin, John-Paul, and I'm proud to say that I made him laugh!  He is the king of humour and I've never been able to tell him a joke or share a pun he hasn't heard before...until now!

It was funny that all the hate is directed towards Carol, the ex-wife, and her new partner the car boot salesman!  A super-quick read as it is mainly hand-drawn illustrations but, whilst reading it, I embraced the "betterness through bitterness" idea, sharpened my pencils in the face of  cre-hate-ivity, and vowed never to leave the house - outside is full of people!!

A great gift book for the difficult to buy for and anyone with a dark sense of humour, although not as funny as I expected - perhaps more my style of humour rather than the book's fault.

I received this book from the publisher, Headline, via Bookbridgr in exchange for an honest review.

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