Monday 12 October 2015

Christmas at Lilac Cottage (White Cliff Bay Book 1) - Holly Martin

Welcome to the charming seaside town of White Cliff Bay, where Christmas is magical and love is in the air…

Penny Meadows loves her home – a cosy cottage decorated with pretty twinkling fairy lights and stunning views over the town of White Cliff Bay. She also loves her job as an ice-carver, creating breathtaking sculptures. Yet her personal life seems frozen. 

When Henry and daughter Daisy arrive at the cottage to rent the annex, Penny is determined to make them feel welcome. But while Daisy is friendly, Henry seems guarded.

As Penny gets to know Henry, she realises there is more to him than meets the eye. And the connection between them is too strong to ignore …

While the spirit of the season sprinkles its magic over the seaside town and preparations for the ice sculpting competition and Christmas eve ball are in full swing, can Penny melt the ice and allow love in her heart? And will this finally be the perfect Christmas she’s been dreaming of? 

Like a creamy hot chocolate with marshmallows, you won’t want to put this deliciously heartwarming novel down. 

Spend the perfect Christmas in White Cliff Bay this year. Snowflakes on Silver Cove coming very soon.

What did I think?

With characters so full of life they almost burst off the page, Holly Martin has written another winner.  I have previously read and adored Fairytale Beginnings so when I saw another Holly Martin book, I couldn't wait to get stuck in.

Holly has created a perfect manly man in Henry; he's strong, loyal and has a cute bum!  I loved that there was a bit of a mix-up when Henry first arrived in town and Penny thought that Daisy was his wife, so she tried to dampen her attraction to him.  Penny (not short for Penelope, producing a huge guffaw from me!) is so lovely - she's been so unlucky in her life and pretty much gave up looking for love...until she met Henry.

I found that I read this book with a smile on my face and with the odd giggle thrown in, as I've come to expect from Holly Martin. Seriously, Holly's books should come on prescription - they are a literary anti-depressant.  I can't wait for another visit to White Cliff Bay with Snowflakes on Silver Cove.

I have noticed that Holly Martin is building quite a fan base and it's no surprise with books of this quality.  I'm definitely a Holly Martin fan - she reaches out through each fabulous page to give the reader a massive hug and will warm even the coldest of hearts.  When the snow starts to fall in Gateshead this Christmas, I'll be picking this book back up to escape to White Cliff Bay once again.

I received this e-book from the publisher, Bookouture, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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