Monday 9 November 2015

Storm Rising - Rachael Richey

Frontman of the grunge rock band NightHawk, Gideon Hawk has had enough of the rock star life. He is jaded, disillusioned, and haunted by the memory of an unresolved heartbreak. On a whim, he leaves the band in New York and heads to England in search of answers. After attending the funeral of her estranged mother, Abigail Thomson makes a shocking discovery in her parents’ attic. The still-raw memories that surface, along with even more startling discoveries, force Abi to face a devastating truth that leads to a series of life-changing events. She and Gideon must race against time to reclaim the life stolen from them a decade before.

What did I think?

I didn't really know what to expect when I picked up this book, I certainly didn't expect to have it glued to my hand until I finished it.  It is such an amazing book that completely hooked me from start to finish, leaving me eager to pick up the next book in The NightHawk Series.

The book starts with Abi's mother's funeral and it's clear that there is no love lost between Abi and her parents.  'What on earth could have happened?', I thought - as I was snagged on the first hook.  By the end of Chapter 3, after being introduced to Gideon Hawk and Abi makes a discovery in her parents' attic, I was firmly caught in the net of Storm Rising.

The book flips back and forth between Abi's past and present, making sure that no stone lies unturned as Abi's story is fully revealed. As this is a book that I would highly recommend reading, I can't write any more about the story without spoiling it for others.  There are some terribly heart-rending moments which brought many a tear to my eye (happy or sad tears, I'm not saying), showing how emotionally involved I was in the story.  I loved Abi, Gideon and Judy - despite fame and the passage of time, they still feel the same about each other as they always did.

This book has everything a girl could want - first love and teenage heartbreak; family secrets and backstabbing friends; old relationships and new beginnings.  Rachael Richey has written a very poignant story touching on some very difficult subjects.  It is written in such a way that a surprise or a shock could turn up on any page when it is least expected.  This is an exceptional debut novel and I'm really looking forward to reading book 2, Rhythm of Deceit.

I received this e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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