Saturday 6 February 2016

Seven Days to Tell You - Ruby Soames

When Kate marries the wild, sexy Frenchman she meets on holiday, everybody is stunned. Marc, however, is an attentive and adoring husband - until one morning he goes out, and doesn't come back. After three years of searching for him, Kate has to move on. She cuts her hair, throws away his things and finds new love. Then one morning she wakes up with Marc asleep in her bed. He asks for seven days to prove his love. Kate knows Marc is not the man she once fell in love with, but as he discovers, she too has changed.

What did I think?

This was a really intriguing idea for a story - a husband who disappears and then walks back in after 3 years as if nothing had happened.  The book is written as if in a letter from Kate to Marc and I really felt that Kate poured her heart out in it.  As it flicks back and forth between past and present we learn more about Kate and Marc, but the more I learned the more I disliked them.

I think a pivotal point in Kate's life was when she broke up with Dave in France, which is where she went on to meet Marc as she was making her way home alone.  I thought the stars had aligned and they were meant to meet, and perhaps they were, but as we learn how Marc came to be in the same place as Kate I wondered if perhaps he just latched on to the first woman he saw in order to escape his responsibilities.

As every facet of their relationship is disclosed, I found it really interesting that my feelings moved from dislike of the pair to hope that they had the strength to make their marriage work.  Kate and Marc are such individually flawed characters that perhaps their only hope of happiness is with each other as their secrets are revealed.

It's an interesting read analysing the flaws of a relationship and how maybe, in the words of John Lennon, love is all you need.

I received this book from the publisher, Hookline, in exchange for an honest review.

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