Saturday 4 June 2016

What Happened to Marilyn - Alexander Rigby

Marilyn Monroe wakes up inside the rust-colored brick walls of an extravagant mansion in Savannah, and is informed that it’s the year 2062. 

The young man who tells her this is Jeremiah Gold, whom Marilyn met just days ago in California, a century earlier. He quickly explains how he traveled back to 1962 in the time machine he invented, to save her from the death that would have otherwise overtaken her. At first Marilyn is unable to comprehend the truth, but as Jeremiah discovers that the news of her legendary demise is still mysteriously in place, she decides to align her trust in him. 

In time, the brazen blonde emerges out into the southern city, taking caution so that none of the citizens of Savannah recognize her. Marilyn knows it’s dangerous, but she can’t quench the urge she has to explore this futuristic world, regardless of the warnings Jeremiah gives her. 

What Happened to Marilyn is a time-bending novel that gives one of the most famous women in the world a shot at redemption. As she struggles to deal with her identity and her unfulfilled dreams, Marilyn wonders if she should stay with Jeremiah, or return to the past that will never let her go.

What did I think?

I openly admit to not being a science fiction fan, but when a book about Marilyn Monroe came up for review I just had to read it, time travel or not.  It was actually a really interesting story and made me wonder about time, events and what ifs.

With flying cars and time travel, it reminded me of Back to the Future but Jeremiah Gold is a lot smarter than Marty McFly.  It is clear that Jeremiah is different, he's a clever guy and is miles ahead of his compatriots in 2062.  When his mother dies he vows to fulfil her wish of going back in time to save Marilyn Monroe from her premature death.  Alexander Rigby has paid fantastic homage to Marilyn as she felt very true to life, not that I can confirm this having not met her of course.  It begged the question as to whether you could really go back and change events in history.  Could one small change have a cataclysmic effect?

Life in 2062, apart from the flying cars, seemed very similar to today; people have the same thoughts, feelings and insecurities.  I don't think I will be still alive in 2062 but I hope some of Alexander Rigby's ideas come true.  I loved the idea of going to a dance or disco and putting in earphones to listen to the music - I could completely visualise people swaying to a silent beat.  I'm not so sure about cloning yourself to cure your ills though, but if that did come to pass then maybe I will still be around in 2062!

What Happened to Marilyn is certainly something a little bit different.  Don't be put off by not reading sci-fi, there are no space ships or aliens in here!  It's a must read for any Marilyn Monroe fan and for anyone looking to read something a bit out of the ordinary.  I certainly enjoyed it.

I received this e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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