Saturday 19 November 2016

Tattletale - Sarah J. Naughton

One day changes Jody's life forever.

She has shut herself down, haunted by her memories and unable to trust anyone. But then she meets Abe, the perfect stranger next door and suddenly life seems full of possibility and hope.

One day changes Mags's life forever.

After years of estrangement from her family, Mags receives a shocking phone call. Her brother Abe is in hospital and no-one knows what happened to him. She meets his fiancé Jody, and gradually pieces together the ruins of the life she left behind. But the pieces don't quite seem to fit...

What did I think?

Tattletale starts with a  teasing two-part introduction titled 'Before' and 'After' where there's a lot of screaming going on, so I knew that this was going to be a pacey read.  Indeed it was, as I rocketed through the pages filled with several amazing eyebrow raising and jaw-dropping moments.

Abe is in a coma after falling over the banister in his apartment block and the prognosis looks bleak.  Did he jump or was he pushed? This is what his estranged sister, Mags, wants to find out as she returns from America where she now lives.  Mags meets Abe's heartbroken girlfriend, Jody, who found him when he fell but Jody can't help Mags to piece together the events of that night.  Is that can't or won't?  Jody appears to be hiding something and Mags starts to get some anonymous notes so she starts to think that everything is not what it seems.  Mags does a bit of digging and speaks to Abe's neighbour, Mira.  Mira seems to only understand English when it suits her, so clams up when Mags asks too many questions.  So now we want to know Mira is hiding and why we don't see much of her mysterious husband.  Even though my brain went into overdrive, I could never have imagined the direction this book would take.

Tattletale is very dark and disturbing at times, with some very uncomfortable scenes.  It twists and turns down such dark alleyways that I needed a torch to find my way back to safety.  The characters each have so many facets to them that you are never sure what they are thinking or what they will do next.  Although it is quite disturbing, I loved the direction the book went in as it was so very unexpected. Such a clever, absorbing story and definitely one I'd recommend but be prepared for some uncomfortable reading.  As uncomfortable as it is at times, it is impossible to tear your eyes away from the page - I was completely riveted.

I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating:

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