Monday 5 June 2017

The Wrong Turn - NC Marshall

A hero comes along...

When Megan Cooper is rescued from a terrifying car accident, she can’t believe how lucky she has been. Now though, she is desperate to track down the stranger who saved her life and then disappeared into the night.

DCI Tony Morgan thought he had escaped his old career, but when he receives a call from his ex-boss to tell him that there’s been a hit and run in the area, leaving a young woman trapped in a burning car and left to die, he knows that he must return and help to investigate.

Meanwhile, Megan sets out to track down the man who pulled her from the car that night, and in doing so, develops a strange infatuation for him.

As secrets are revealed, and the truth starts to emerge, it soon becomes clear that Megan is still in danger, and the life-saving hero may not be everything that she wants him to be.

What did I think?

In my reading life I have found that there is one thing that you can always guarantee: NC Marshall will write a page-turning book that you can't bear to put down for a second.  The Wrong Turn follows in the footsteps of NC Marshall's previous BRILLIANT books, Sleep Peacefully and See You Soon, that stick to your hand like glue until you turn the final page.

It starts with a bang as Megan is run off the road by an unknown driver and rescued from the flames by a mysterious stranger.  Megan doesn't know who rescued her but he leaves behind his jacket and it has a key in the pocket.  Megan just needs to find the lock it fits and she can find the man who rescued her, but she has no idea that she will find a lot more than she bargained for.

As Megan and her friend follow the clues to Megan's rescuer, they don't realise that they are putting themselves in danger.  The same man who tried to run Megan off the road wants her dead and will stop at nothing to get his revenge.  Revenge on Megan's husband, who apparently drowned whilst on holiday but with no body recovered, Megan half expects him to turn up on her doorstep one day and therefore can't move on with her life.

The Wrong Turn is another fabulous page-turner from NC Marshall.  The reader is drawn in from the very first page with believable characters that you care about, and with so many surprises thrown in you simply can't put this book down!  A fast-paced gripping read that will leave you open mouthed and goose-bumpy as you turn the final page.

I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating:

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