Sunday 23 September 2018

BLOG TOUR: The Anniversary - Hilary Boyd

Is the one you tried to forget the one you can't live without?

Stella once thought that if she never saw Jack again, it would be too soon.

But life has other plans for her and her stubborn, handsome ex-husband.

Looking after their daughter in a time of need, Stella finds herself unwillingly reunited with the man she shared the best years of her life with - followed by the worst.

Where tragedy once tore them apart, now Stella and Jack are being drawn back together. But each of them has a new partner and a new life.

Should they fight temptation?

Should the past remain the past?

Or are some loves simply meant to be?

What did I think?

I can't even begin to describe the level of emotion in this book, it's almost as if it's woven into the very fabric of the pages.  Although it is ultimately a love story, there are so many trials and tribulations to contend with which cause heartache and pain for the beautiful characters in the book.

I loved the character of Stella; she seems so strong and brave but underneath she is quite fragile and insecure.  You can't help but warm to her after what she has gone through in her life; a life that she thought would see her and Jack grow old together as they watched their family grow up.  Alas, fate had a different path in store for Stella and Jack which saw them splintering off in different directions, that is until their pregnant daughter needs their support and they realise that the love that they once shared has never fully left them...but now they're with other people, is it too late?

Oh my word, The Anniversary is such a heartbreaking love story, encompassing tragedy and hope but filled with nail-biting family drama.  It really broke my heart that Stella and Jack lost so many years of their life together but I completely understood that what happened to them would break up the strongest couple.  I loved how Eve's pregnancy brought them back together with the shared love they have for their daughter.  It felt like there was a low simmering pot on the stove as Stella and Jack's fractured relationship gradually began to repair and I was willing them to kiss before the pan bubbled over!

The Anniversary is a beautiful tragic love story, written with such intense emotion that I can't imagine any reader failing to be moved by this compelling story.

I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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