Monday 25 November 2019

BLOG TOUR: A Million Dreams - Dani Atkins

Beth Brandon always dreamed of owning a florist, but today the bouquets of peonies and bright spring flowers are failing to calm her nerves. Because today, Beth has a life-changing decision to share with her husband.

Izzy Vaughan thought she and her husband would stay together forever, but sometime last year, their love began to fade. They both find such joy in their young son Noah – but is he enough to keep them together?

Eight years ago, something happened to these two women. Something that is about to bring them together in a way no-one thought possible...

Thought-provoking, emotional and uplifting, this is a gripping love story for fans of Jojo Moyes and Amanda Prowse.

What did I think?

Oh my giddy aunt, this book has broken me; in fact A Million Dreams hasn't just broken me, it has shattered me into a million pieces.  I have to admit that as a HUGE fan of The Greatest Showman, I picked this book up solely because of its title without reading what it was about and, even though Hugh Jackman's not even mentioned in it, I am delighted to say that it completely exceeded my expectations.  I was absolutely floored at the end of Chapter One and continued reading with a lump in my throat that didn't go away and resulted in tears on several occasions.  

Dani Atkins has created two very strong female characters in Beth and Izzy who each have to deal with their own inner turmoil.  Beth's story is heartbreaking but she's so pragmatic that I couldn't help but admire her.  I wasn't really quite sure what was going on with Izzy; it felt as if she was pushing her husband away with no good reason to do so.  As their two stories intertwine, Dani Atkins puts the reader through an emotional wringer; not only was I predominantly heartbroken but I realised that I had also felt a myriad emotions ranging from devastation to hope.

I can't say any more without spoiling the story but seriously, take my word for it and read this book; I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.  There are so many things to think about and I wondered what I would do in the same situation.  I know for sure that A Million Dreams is a book that will stay with me for a very long time as I've found myself thinking about it long after I finished it.  

A Million Dreams is completely heart-shattering, incredibly thought-provoking and surprisingly uplifting; I'd give it a rating of a million stars if I could as scooping the full 5 stars doesn't seem nearly enough.

I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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Dani Atkins is an award-winning novelist. Her 2013 debut FRACTURED (published as THEN AND ALWAYS in North America) has been translated into sixteen languages and has sold more than half a million copies since first publication in the UK. Dani is the author of four other bestselling novels, one of which, This Love, won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award in 2018. Dani lives in a small village in Hertfordshire with her husband, one Siamese cat and a very soppy Border Collie.

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