Wednesday 11 December 2019

BLOG TOUR: The Fathers, the Sons and the Anxious Ghost - Jamie Adams

It's a slight digression from crime fiction on this damppebbles Blog Tour today with my review of The Fathers, The Sons and the Anxious Ghost by Jamie Adams.  

Three guys in their thirties have something in common. Their children all go to the same school. One day a tragic event leads to them having to deal with a lurking aftermath which draws them into each other's lives and causes them to rethink their attitudes to just about everything. The children tell the second part of this story, ten years after the initial events. The dust seems to have settled until one of them uncovers information that throws everything back into chaos. The third part… well that will have to wait.

What did I think?

It was a nice change to read a novella with The Fathers, the Sons and the Anxious Ghost being only 90 pages long and taking around 1 hour to read.  Don't mistake it for a shallow light read though as Jamie Adams has packed a lot of story into these few pages, so it's very much a case of quality over quantity.  

It took me a little while to get used to the lack of contractions in the book, for example using 'I am' instead of 'I'm'.  I found it a bit odd, especially in speech, but I soon got used to it and attributed it to a little quirk of the book.  The book is written in 3 parts; I'm sure you'll be able to guess the parts from the title of the book.  They are all linked and come together very nicely at the end, leaving me with a little lump in my throat.

I felt there were some very strong messages in this book regarding mental health and bullying but I did have to give myself a virtual smack for jumping to conclusions.  I've always said that there are two sides to every story but for some reason I saw one side of the story in The Fathers, the Sons and the Anxious Ghost and pinned my colours to that mast.  Thank you Jamie Adams for reminding me that not everything is as it may first appear.

A little book with a big message, The Fathers, the Sons and the Anxious Ghost is a very thought-provoking book that I really enjoyed.

I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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Jamie is a teacher who has studied a geography degree back in the nineties because of his love of nature and the outdoors. He found environmental education especially important and soon became a teacher for the primary-age group. Jamie enjoys reading and watching all kinds of theatre productions, from high dramas to lively musicals. His love of writing shines through in everything he does.

After writing a group of short stories linked to romance, which he published as ‘Short Dates’ independently, he decided to write a novella centred around topical issues such as mental health, parenting and relationships.

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