Saturday 1 February 2020

BLOG TOUR: His Wife's Secret: WHY IS SHE PUNISHING ME? - Susan Willis

Today I have a review of His Wife's Secret by Susan Willis for the Rachel's Random Resources Blog Tour.  There's a wonderful book trailer video that summarises the book perfectly and also shows our Angel of the North as part of the book is set under the shadow of the angel's wings in Gateshead.

Before you read my review, here's a little bit about the book:

When David meets old school-friend, Erin again he falls head over heels in love. He leaves his wife and their sixteen-year-old daughter to marry Erin. But, in a small village people have long memories and they move south for a fresh beginning. Erin’s behaviour starts to change in a very strange way and David wonders if she is punishing him for something he’s done?

What did I think?

Being a local author, Susan Willis has been on my radar for a while but Her Wife's Secret is the first of her books that I have read.  I love that this one is set in Kibblesworth, a little village near the Angel of the North.  It always thrills me to read places I know well in books and it encourages me to revisit them, especially as The Ravensworth Arms (mentioned in the book) is well overdue a visit from me.

I really wasn't sure about David Henderson at first; how he went from being a loving family man to having his head turned by flame-haired temptress, Erin.  Although his now ex-wife, Beth, seemed to forgive him, I was with his daughter, Sally, on this one and would have shunned Erin too.  Erin even encourages him to apply for a job in London which took him even further away from his daughter; Erin definitely wears the trousers in this relationship!

Unfortunately for David, London isn't the perfect new start he dreamed off when Erin discovers her mother's diary during the move and her mood changes dramatically.  David has no idea what is going on with Erin and he can't seem to do anything right.  I have to say that a little part of me thought he deserved it for leaving his family for Erin, as the grass isn't always greener on the other side.  I did start to feel sorry for David as Erin's anger issue exacerbated as nobody deserves to be treated that way.

His Wife's Secret is an interesting little domestic noir book; the fiery storyline keeps the pages turning and certainly offers some food for thought and warning signs to look out for.  

I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating:

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About the author:

Susan Willis is a published author of four novels and five novellas. She lives in Co-Durham surrounded by a big family and dear friends. Susan works as a food technologist developing new recipes and weaves the different aspects of her job into stories. 
Her last two novels are psychological suspense. Readers who have left reviews on amazon love the books because they are realistic with everyday people in situations that can happen. 
She has a collection of Fun-Size Tales of Love & Family which are available in Ebook and paperback. 
Susan is now writing Cozy Crime Short Reads and incorporating up to date issues of poor mental health in a kidnap scene, the perils of social media, and an intruder on Skype. Nest year she hopes to publish these stories into a collection.   
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