Thursday 17 September 2020

The Power of Conviction (The Prime Series Book 1) - Catrin Russell


The Darkness was closing in over the Midlands, with the Priesthood being the only one daring to stand up against its terrifying presence.

Trained in the arts of the Light, the priests walked a bloodied path through the scores of demons, seeking to rid the world of their unholy presence. But the fight against demonkind was becoming increasingly perilous, and danger rose to threaten the Priesthood’s very survival.

The priestess Anaya stands resolute in her conviction. Despite the dangers she must endure along her dedicated path, her unwavering faith in the Goddess and Her divine supremacy doesn’t falter. She’s set on following the orders of her High Priest, no matter how gruesome.

Until one day, when all her beliefs are challenged…

A fateful meeting with the elusive demon Samael opens the doors to doubt and Anaya begins to question the very path of the Priesthood and of all those steadfast in the preachings of the Goddess.

Were they wrong about demonkind? Was her purpose in life truly for naught?

The Prime Series contains subjects and scenes that depict violence, torture, consequences of prolonged sexual abuse, emotional scars and suffering, as well as mature language and steamy scenes. It is therefore intended for a mature audience.

The Prime Series is perfect for readers who enjoy High and Epic Fantasy with dark undertones and a touch of romance.

What did I think?

Fantasy is a new genre for me but The Prime Series was recommended to me by an author whose opinion I respect, Karen Crawford.  I do like to escape into books and The Power of Conviction is the perfect escape from the real world; I couldn't help but be drawn into the dark, powerful and magical world that Catrin Russell has created.

I loved Anaya's story; how she came to be a respected member of the Priesthood and her interactions with Samael, a demon that she has been taught to destroy.  Anaya is confused by her feelings for Samael and the more she gets to know him, the more she questions everything she has been taught.  The development of their friendship into love was beautiful to behold as dark met light and sparks almost shot out of my kindle.  There are some steamy scenes but I wouldn't describe them as graphic or erotic so they shouldn't offend more sensitive readers; it's definitely a book for adults though.

Aside from the burgeoning romance between Anaya and Samael, there are many battles with demons and I found these scenes so very vivid and exciting.  With so much death and destruction around, it's very well described without being too gory or bloodthirsty.  I was also very intrigued by the High Priest who sends his priests out to hunt demons; it becomes evident where his motivation to destroy demons has come from but I wondered how much of his instructions were fuelled by revenge.  

The Power of Conviction is an excellent start to a series; it has built up enough mystery and intrigue to fuel my interest to read further books and I have to say that I was quite disappointed to reach the end of the book.  Catrin Russell is a very talented writer and she has certainly left this reader thirsty for more!  

I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating:

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