Sunday 22 November 2020

TEA & BOOKS: Duke of Earl Grey - Leafy Bean Company

You can tell from my blog that I'm a book lover, but did you know that I am also a tea lover?  There's nothing better than a lovely cup of tea on a morning and I refuse to leave the house until I've had at least two cups.  I enjoy a range of tea and I've always been partial to an afternoon Earl Grey so I was delighted to receive a box from Leafy Bean Company to try.

I chose to read The Vanished Bride by Bella Ellis whilst drinking my cup of Duke of Earl Grey.  This is the first book in the Brontë Mysteries series and you can click HERE to read my review of this fabulous book.

There are 15 silky pyramid tea bags in the box filled with Sri Lankan black tea, exquisite blue cornflowers and natural bergamot flavouring.  Just look at how beautiful they are, it seems a shame to drown them in a cup but needs must.

After brewing for 4-5 minutes, my cup was filled with a stunning dark honey coloured tea with the unmistakeable aroma of bergamot.  I've had some blends that are quite floral and perfumed but this one has a more fruity undertone so it smells absolutely amazing.  I wish we had smell-o-vision so you could experience it too.

The taste is completely out of this world; it's Earl Grey but not as we know it.  It's a smoother version of a regular Earl Grey and it's made so much more palatable with a hint of citrus and a sprinkling of blue cornflowers.  I could drink this anytime of day, although nothing will ever replace my morning cup of builder's tea.

If you've always wanted to try Earl Grey tea, then choose Leafy Bean Company's blend.  It's the best Earl Grey tea I have ever had and I'm delighted to award the full 5 cuppa rating.

My rating:

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About Leafy Bean Company:

Caffeine crazy and born to brew, at Leafy Bean Co we to-tea-lly love all things tea and coffee.

Founded in 2016 by a tea aficionado who wanted more fun with her cuppa, Leafy Bean Co, creates quality blends bursting with wholesome joy.

We don't take life too seriously - but we ARE serious about what you drink! To discover more about our products, cafe venues and events, and for our online shop, visit

Did you know?

Grey's Monument, Newcastle
(photo taken by me)
Earl Grey tea is named after Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey who was born in Northumberland in 1764.  

Legend has it that Earl Grey was given a gift of tea from a Chinese mandarin and he loved the blend so much that he asked a London teamaker to replicate it.  I've also heard that it was invented to disguise the bad taste of the water at Howick Hall, Northumberland.

Earl Grey was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom between 1830 and 1834 and his government passed The Reform Act of 1832, which set electoral change in motion,  and The Slavery Abolition Act of 1833, which abolished slavery throughout the British Empire.  

A 41m high monument to Earl Grey stands at the top of Grey Street in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne.

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