Friday 1 January 2021

The Coincidence (The Trial Trilogy) - David B. Lyons

How wide can a coincidence stretch your beliefs?

Joy Stapleton is Ireland’s most infamous prisoner.

She was incarcerated for two life sentences, after the bodies of her two young sons were found buried in a shallow grave in the Dublin mountains.

But she has always maintained her innocence, and argues the only reason she was ever arrested in the first place comes down to mere coincidence.

But it’s a coincidence that didn’t convince detectives.

A coincidence that didn’t convince a jury.

And a coincidence that hasn’t impressed the inmates of Mountjoy Prison.

That is until eight years into her sentence, when new evidence emerges, and everybody — including Joy’s long-suffering husband Shay — is forced into a rethink.

Take your seat in the courtroom for the retrial of the century… and see just how wide you’re willing to allow a coincidence stretch your beliefs…

What did I think?

I absolutely love books set in the courtroom for their high drama and edge of your seat thrills and David. B. Lyons delivers drama and thrills in abundance in The Coincidence, the third book in The Trial Trilogy.  It's such very compulsive reading and once you pick it up, it's impossible to put down.  David B. Lyons’ writing is so vivid and immersive I actually felt as if I was sitting in the courtroom; in fact it felt like I was in the judge's seat as the reader is privy to judge Delia's thought processes.

The case in this book is a retrial so the defendant, Joy Stapleton, is already in prison serving two life sentences for the murder of her sons.  Joy was convicted after being caught on CCTV near to the burial site, however, Joy claims it wasn't her in the video and the image isn't clear enough to confirm this.  New evidence is brought before the court to cast doubt on the person's identity in the video and a retrial is granted.

David B. Lyons paints such a vivid picture of life behind bars that my kindle virtually hummed with the underlying tension and the threat of violence.  An extra layer of suspense is added by the reader first meeting Joy 3,000 days ago when she is brought to Mountjoy Prison and the days count down to the verdict.  As if there wasn't enough tension already, the countdown clock made me put on my literary running shoes so I could race to the end of this very cleverly crafted and completely addictive book.

I had to take a few moments at the end of the book to gather my thoughts as I had so many questions flying around my head.  Some of these questions could have been answered along the way if I'd read a bit slower, but once I sat down and thought it over I fully appreciated the brilliantly clever plot.

The Coincidence is so gripping and fast paced, I couldn’t put it down; you’d think it was made out of chocolate the way I completely devoured it.  With clues to collect along the way, there’s so much to absorb and discuss which makes The Coincidence the perfect read for book groups.  A fantastic book and highly recommended.

Thank you to David B. Lyons for sending me an ARC to read; this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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