Wednesday 14 April 2021

Little Deadly Secrets - Pamela Crane

Mackenzie, Robin, and Lily have been inseparable forever, sharing life's ups and downs and growing even closer as the years have gone by. They know everything about each other. Or so they believe.

Nothing could come between these three best friends . . .

Except for a betrayal.

Nothing could turn them against each other . . .

Except for a terrible past mistake.

Nothing could tear them apart . . .

Except for murder.

What did I think?

I love books filled with secrets and I don't think Pamela Crane could have crammed any more in to her brilliant new novel, Little Deadly Secrets.  It's so addictive that I simply couldn't put this book down.

With three friends who are so much part of each others' lives, the storyline reminded me a little of the TV show Desperate Housewives but Little Deadly Secrets is so much darker.  These friends think they know everything about each other but they are wrong.  One knows where the bodies are buried and one has their eye on another's husband in this gripping book that positively sizzles with tension.

I absolutely loved digging into each life and unearthing all of their secrets; it's so entertaining and suspenseful that I couldn't read fast enough.  The bonds of this friendship are really being stretched to the limit but when the chips are down, they always come through for each other.

The plot is intriguing and sharp and the characters are so well-drawn and vivid that they almost leap out from the page; I could totally see this book being made into a film or mini-series.  

This is only the second Pamela Crane book I have read, although I have a few more in my collection, so I'm definitely bumping them up my queue now.  Little Deadly Secrets is absolutely brilliant; it's fast-paced, addictive and hugely entertaining.  I loved it!

Thank you to the author for providing an ARC for me to read and review; this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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