Friday 7 May 2021

Found - Erin Kinsley


When 11 year old Evan vanishes without trace, his parents are plunged into their worst nightmare.

Especially as the police, under massive pressure, have no answers. But months later Evan is unexpectedly found, frightened and refusing to speak. His loving family realise life will never be the same again.

DI Naylor knows that unless those who took Evan are caught, other children are in danger. And with Evan silent, she must race against time to find those responsible...

A gripping, heart-wrenching thriller with the emotional power of series like BROADCHURCH and THE MISSING, this is the perfect read for fans of Cara Hunter, Heidi Perks, Claire Douglas, Fiona Barton, Susan Lewis and Nuala Ellwood.

What did I think?

What an intensely compelling book!  I picked up Found and couldn't put it down, almost finishing it in a day until sleep overcame me.  Erin Kinsley's brilliant debut novel is an incredibly gripping and highly addictive read.  I always get a thrill when my native North East is mentioned in books so I was delighted to find that one of the policeman was from Gateshead - you can always find a Geordie wherever you go!

It's a different take on a child abduction story as rather than focusing on the dark details of the child's imprisonment, the book is mainly set in the days and months following the return of Evan Ferrers, the abducted child.  Evan refuses to talk about his ordeal and I found my heart breaking for him; I don't know whether it's worse to actually know what he went through or whether it's worse to imagine it, but I could imagine the distress this caused his family.  I really feel like I got to know the Ferrers family over the course of the novel and I felt every emotion experienced by them as I was so emotionally invested in the story.

Found is a strange book to review as although a lot of the story is the police investigation into who took Evan, I felt that this was overshadowed by Evan's recovery with his family.  It's not that I wasn't interested in finding out who Evan's captor was, it's just that Erin Kinsley had written such emotive characters that I was more concerned with their wellbeing.

Found is a gripping abduction novel that tackles its dark subject matter so very sensitively, choosing to focus more on the positives which makes for a heartfelt story.  

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