Thursday 24 June 2021

BLOG TOUR: Pressure Chamber - Nir Hezroni

Four babies have been kidnapped from four different maternity wards in Tel Aviv. With not a single lead to follow, all investigators can do is wait patiently for the suspect they call ‘the Babysitter’ to make their next move.

Four weeks earlier, on a quiet street, a medical student went out for a run and was killed by a hit and run driver. Then a second student went out and never returned. Daphne Dagan, a young, talented police officer, is first to realise that the hit and run and the kidnappings are related.

But she's also in the middle of her own battle - a recurring nightmare that's been haunting her for years. The strain of dealing with a real-life killer and kidnapper during the day, and the man who murders her in her sleep each night drive her into a place of darkness and despair from which she must escape if she is to catch ‘The Babysitter’.

What did I think?

Pressure Chamber is the first novel translated from Hebrew that I have read and I absolutely loved it.  Absolutely nothing has been lost in the wonderful translation by Steven Cohen as Nir Hezroni's outstanding novel gripped me from the start.

With a hit and run, a missing student and four stolen babies, police officer Daphne Dagan has a very intriguing case on her hands.  Daphne already has a lot on her plate with a recurring nightmare haunting her dreams.  As Daphne explores lucid dreaming to get to the root of her nightmares, an added layer of suspense is added to the story as you're never quite sure what is real and what is imagined.  I loved exploring Daphne's dreams although I do find lucid dreaming very scary.

The plotline surrounding 'The Babysitter' is simply outstanding.  The execution of the crime and the reasoning behind it is highly original and completely breathtaking.  It's incredibly twisted but that's what's so brilliant about it.  I don't want to say anything about the plot itself for fear of inadvertently releasing spoilers as it's definitely one you want to experience first-hand for yourself.

Nir Hezroni's writing is stunningly vivid and I was totally immersed in the novel from beginning to end.  I know that his first two thrillers have been optioned for film and I wouldn't be surprised if Pressure Chamber joins them.  The book had me on the edge of my seat and I couldn't read it fast enough so I can imagine the film being equally gripping, tense and suspenseful.

Pressure Chamber is ingeniously twisted, highly original and completely absorbing.  It's so fast-paced and compelling that I couldn't put it down and read it much quicker than I expected.  I'll certainly be checking out Nir Hezroni's earlier work.  Pressure Chamber is absolutely brilliant and highly recommended.

I received an ARC from the publisher to read and review for the blog tour and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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Nir Hezroni was born in Jerusalem. His first two thrillers, were sold in 2-book deals in six territories and have been optioned for film by Sony Pictures Television Inc. He now lives with his family near Tel-Aviv.

Twitter: @nirhezroni
Instagram: @nirhezroni

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