Friday 24 September 2021

Wish You Were Dead - Peter James

Wish You Were Dead is a Quick Read short story from bestselling author Peter James.

Roy Grace and his family have left Sussex behind for a week’s holiday in France. The website promised a grand house, but when they arrive the place is very different from the pictures. And it soon becomes clear that their holiday nightmare is only just beginning.

An old enemy of Roy, a lowlife criminal he had put behind bars, is now out of jail – and out for revenge. He knows where Roy and his family have gone on holiday. Of course he does. He’s been hacking their emails – and they are in the perfect spot for him to pay Roy back . . . 

What did I think?

I'm way behind with my reading of the fantastic Roy Grace series but I've wanted to try a Quick Reads book for quite some time.  So as 2021 is the 15th anniversary of the Quick Reads programme, which makes reading entertaining and accessible for less confident readers, I thought it was an excellent time to try one. 

At 124 pages long, Wish You Were Dead is a fantastic novella that possibly comes after book 17 in the Roy Grace series.  As I've only read two so far (shocking, I know), this was quite a jump in Roy Grace's personal story for me, however, the main storyline is completely gripping and thrilling which makes it very easy to read the book in one sitting.

Although the Roy Grace series is so very well established now, I don't think readers will feel terribly disadvantaged if they jump into the series at this stage.  This little intriguing insight into the Roy Grace series is highly likely to make new readers want to discover more of the series and that's an absolutely fabulous result for the wonderful Quick Reads initiative.  

I thoroughly enjoyed Wish You Were Dead and it's given me the nudge I needed to tackle my leaning tower of Roy Grace novels.

I received a gifted ARC to read and review; all opinions are my own.

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