Sunday 31 July 2022

The Knock-Knock Man - Russell Mardell

Who is The Knock-Knock Man? A ghost, a killer, or the figment of a frightened boy’s imagination?

It is a question that continues to haunt disgraced New Salstone police officer, Ali Davenport, fifteen months after the devastating case that changed the course of her life. Now, after the death of her former colleague, Ernie, Ali has returned home to face a past that won’t stay buried.

Found in the disused office building where he worked as night security, Ernie’s death has been ruled as a suicide. But not everyone is convinced. Wild stories are circulating about a supernatural presence in the building, an entity that might have attacked Ernie that fateful night. With the sale of the building about to go through, Ali is hired by its owner to work Ernie’s remaining night shifts and debunk the potentially damaging story. An easy enough job, if you don’t believe in ghosts. But then Ali meets Will, a teenage ghost hunter who claims to have evidence on film…

Forming an unlikely partnership, Ali and Will soon fall headlong into a mystery that takes them through New Salstone’s macabre history and into Ali’s own dark past. As the pieces of the puzzle come together, Ali is forced to face the question of The Knock-Knock Man one last time. But what Ali doesn’t know is The Knock-Knock Man has already been watching her for a very long time…

What did I think?

I was drawn to The Knock-Knock Man as it sounded like something different to what I would usually read and I was not disappointed.  It's both chilling and thrilling from start to finish as a small town is haunted by the story of The Knock-Knock it a folk tale or is it real?

Weaving together two mysterious and intriguing storylines from the past and the present, The Knock-Knock Man is a real page-turner.  I love main character Ali and her nickname that fits her perfectly; she's not afraid to stand up to danger, although she is a little afraid of what she saw, or thinks she saw, in the past.  

The mysterious Knock-Knock Man totally creeped me out; I half expected to catch a glimpse of him at my own window, so this is definitely a book to read with the curtains closed.  As with any folk tales, local kids are both scared and intrigued by it and they are desperate to catch a glimpse of The Knock-Knock Man.  One young man claims to have caught him on camera but to see it is to believe it...and then you're admitting that The Knock-Knock man is real.

I really enjoyed this novel; it's definitely one I want to read again as I think I read it too quickly so I felt like I missed a few things.  That's not a criticism of the book at all, it's just so addictive that I couldn't read it fast enough. 

Part horror, part crime, completely creepy, The Knock-Knock Man is a highly original cross-genre novel that will appeal to so many readers.  Whether you read crime, thriller, supernatural or horror, I would highly recommend The Knock-Knock Man.

I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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