Friday 28 October 2022

Nothing But The Truth (Charles Holborne Legal Thrillers Book 8) - Simon Michael

The past has finally caught up with Charles…

London, 1967

The psychopathic Kray twins rule London’s underworld, aided by their government connections, corrupt police and extreme violence.

Finally, Detective Superintendent “Nipper” Read’s taskforce has a chance to take them down.

The catch: Read needs barrister Charles Holborne to testify against them, while the Krays have evidence against him which would end his career and send him to prison.

Caught in the middle, and with his pregnant partner’s life and his career at stake, this time Charles has no choices left.

Can Charles put his past behind him once and for all? Will the Krays twins’ criminal hold over London finally be put to an end?

Or will everything come crashing down for Charles Holborne…?

NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH is the eighth crime novel in an exciting historical series, the Charles Holborne Legal Thrillers — gritty, hard-boiled mysteries set in 1960s London.

What did I think?

WOW!  I have loved every single book in Simon Michael's Charles Holborne series and if the previous seven books are the icing on the cake then Nothing But The Truth is the cherry on the top.  It is OUTSTANDING!  I don't think I've ever read a more perfect book; I was shocked, surprised, angered, amazed and I even cried.

Although it's the eighth book in the series, you can read it as a standalone as the essence of Charles' character is evident on every page, however, it is simply breathtaking for readers already invested in the series.  Charles has a long history with the Kray twins and their reign of terror could finally be coming to an end as the police are closing in.  Charles needs to be one step ahead of the twins if he's ever going to free himself from their grasp.  Can he do it?  You'll need to read the book to find out!

Weaving fact with fiction, Simon Michael has created a believable and atmospheric legal thriller that entertains from start to finish.  The court case scenes are always brilliant in these novels but oh my word, this one is stunning; I was on the edge of my seat and completely gripped as Charles wielded and deflected every single virtual punch.   

I have loved reading about the developments in Charles' personal life and he's a character I have come to know and love over the years.  He's more settled than he's ever been now that his relationship with Sally is standing on firmer ground but his mother's feelings towards him don't seem to be improving, even though her health is declining.  I love that Charles never gives up on her though - there really is nothing sharper than a mother's tongue and Millie's is particularly sharp.

Nothing But The Truth is a masterclass in crime writing; the characters are vivid and well-developed, the 1960s era is beautifully portrayed and the plot is sublime.  Whether it's the last we read of Charles Holborne or not, Nothing But The Truth is simply perfect in every way.  

I first used the word 'unputdownable' back in 2016 in my review of The Brief, the first book in the Charles Holborne series, and the eighth novel definitely deserves a similar accolade.   Nothing But The Truth is unputdownable, unforgettable and unmissable - words than can be applied to the whole series, in fact.  Very highly recommended.

I received a digital ARC from the author and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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