Thursday 5 January 2023

Golgotha (The Necropolis Series Book 3) - Guy Portman

This sociopath is spiralling out of control.

Dyson Devereux is languishing in an Italian prison awaiting trial for murder. His capricious paramour Alegra is desperate for him to be released, so they can start a new life together. But all Dyson wants is to be back in the UK with his treasured mementos.

Time inside has not abated Dyson’s violent urges, and it won’t be long until he is hunting new additions for his collection. He will need to be wary, for hell hath no fury like a sociopath scorned.

Golgotha is a funny, frenzied crime novel boasting a sinister and sardonic protagonist.

Grab your copy and settle in for the ride.

What did I think?

The Necropolis Series is definitely my favourite series at the moment and I can't get enough of my favourite sociopath, Dyson Devereux, so I'm delighted that Golgotha is my first book review of 2023.  Golgotha is the third book in the series and it picks up where Sepultura left off, so it's advisable to read the series in order.

After a work trip turned deadly, Dyson is stuck in an Italian prison.  He's hundreds of miles away from his treasured memento collection and of course his son.  Without being able to be soothed by her particular token, Dyson's dreams are haunted by his cousin and his first kill.  He needs to get home to his precious fly fishing tin.

Dyson hooked up with a woman he met through work on his trip to Italy and Alegra has stood by him while he's in prison.  When Alegra is no further use to him, Dyson drops her like a stone and if she doesn't let him go quietly, she might be the next kill on his list.  I'm not saying another word about the fantastic plot but suffice to say that I loved every second of it.

I just love Dyson, in the same way that I loved Dexter on TV; you know what he's doing is very wrong but you can't help rooting for him and hoping that he doesn't get caught.  This would be a brilliant Netflix series and I'd love to see Dyson brought to life on our screens. 

Highly original and incredibly entertaining, Golgotha is absolutely brilliant from start to finish; it's dark and gory at times but Guy Portman weaves his wonderfully dry humour throughout the prose and it's impossible not to laugh out loud at times.  I love it so much I'm already planning to read the series again from the start.

An easy five stars - very highly recommended.

I received a digital ARC from the author and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating:

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