Monday 13 February 2023

Blood Ties (Steph Grant Murder Mystery Series Book 3) - Lin Le Versha

Hector Percy appears to have it all. He shares his magnificent home, Glebe Hall, with his beloved wife Esme and son Jack, alongside their two closest friends and their daughter. But beneath the veneer of entitlement, Hector lives in fear of those who might snatch away his inheritance. Esme suspects he's right; they'd created the perfect existence but now the arrangement is crumbling. If that happens their blissful life at Glebe Hall would be over.

Then tragedy strikes, forcing Hector and Esme to confront their future far sooner than they expected. One moment tearing the two families apart. Is this the end of their dreams?

Former detective Steph Grant finds herself embroiled in the family dynamics as she, along with partner and former boss, DI Hale, are pulled into the investigation. Delving into the history of the two families and the Hall, Steph and Hale unearth buried secrets - secrets that shake the very foundations of Glebe Hall, secrets that will change the future forever.

What did I think?

Hobeck have scored a hat-trick!  Blood Ties is the third book in the Steph Grant series and I've now read a trio of third books published by Hobeck that have all been outstanding.  Lin Le Versha has clearly had a cup of that magical Hobeck No.3 blend tea as Blood Ties is absolutely brilliant.

It's very fitting that everyone's favourite Hobeck canine Derek gets the first line in Chapter One and what an absolute cracker it is.  I burst out laughing as it's just so Derek.  Derek provides some humour and light relief in what is otherwise a dark and chilling murder mystery.  

I loved the setting of Glebe Hall, although it's a bit of a strange set up with two families living there as well as the many skeletons hiding the closet.  The Percy family are well-connected so any scrapes they get into can be brushed under the carpet with just a quick phone call to the Chief of Police.  

Steph Grant and her partner DCI Hale don't take privilege into account when they investigate an alleged accident on the estate.  This is no accident and it's no coincidence that it happened on Percy land.  Oooh there's just so much mystery and intrigue in this book, Steph and Hale keep scratching away at the surface to reveal the darkness underneath.

Entertaining, gripping and intriguing, Blood Ties is brilliant from start to finish.  I loved everything about this book: the stunning cover, the intricate plot and the impeccable writing.  It's an easy five stars and a book I can't recommend highly enough.

I received an ARC to read and review for the blog tour; this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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