Saturday 1 July 2023

Conviction - Jack Jordan


Wade Darling stands accused of killing his wife and teenage children as they slept before burning the family home to the ground. 
When the case lands on barrister Neve Harper’s desk, she knows it could be the career making case she’s been waiting for. But only if she can prove Wade’s innocence. 

A matter of days before the case, as Neve is travelling home for the night, she is approached by a man. He tells her she must lose this case or the secret about her own husband’s disappearance will be revealed.
Failing that, he will kill everyone she cares about until she follows orders.
Neve must make a choice – betray every principle she has ever had by putting a potentially innocent man in prison, or risk putting those she loves in mortal danger.

What did I think?

Conviction is the book that everyone is talking about and rightly so as it's another corker from The Master of the Moral Dilemma, Jack Jordan.  Miss this one at your peril; it's an absolute must read.

I love a good courtroom drama and this is a cracker as you actually feel as if you're judge and jury, sifting through evidence and deciding 'Guilty' or 'Not Guilty'.  I must have changed my mind a hundred times as the twists and turns of the trial played out.  Of course, this is a Jack Jordan book so there can't just be one hook...the defence barrister is being blackmailed into throwing the trial, which is a moral dilemma and a half.  

The plotting is razor sharp, the writing is flawless and the author continues to showcase his limitless talent, so I don't have to be Mystic Meg to predict that this book is going to be HUGE.  I am completely in awe of Jack Jordan's amazing writing and his imagination knows no bounds.  So, is Wade Darling guilty or not guilty?  You'll just need to read the book to find out!

Gripping, fast-paced and super-twisty, Conviction is absolutely brilliant and it's easily going to be one of my books of the year.  Once you pick it up, you won't be able to put it down.  Very highly recommended.

I received a hardback copy for the Tandem Collective readalong and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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