Friday 18 August 2023

BLOG TOUR: Assassin Eighteen (Last Man Standing book 2) - John Brownlow

'I am waiting for someone to kill me. Tonight would be a good night for it.'

Agent Seventeen, the most infamous hitman in the world, has quit. But whoever wants to become Assassin Eighteen must track him down and kill him first.

So when a bullet hits the glass inches from his face, he knows who fired it - doesn't he?

But the sniper isn't the hardened killer he was expecting. It's Mireille - a mysterious, silent child, abandoned in the woods with instructions to pull the trigger.

Reuniting with his spiky lover, Kat, Seventeen must protect Mireille, and discover who sent her to kill him, and why.

But the road he must travel is littered with bodies. And the answer, when it comes, will blow apart everything Seventeen thought he knew. 

What did I think?

Assassin Eighteen is the second book in the Last Man Standing series but it is so good that you can totally read it as a standalone.  I loved Agent Seventeen but Assassin Eighteen completely blew me away and the pair of them together are simply earth-shattering.

Seventeen is living in Sixteen's house and waiting for Eighteen to come along and kill him.  Things don't quite go to plan when the shot that Seventeen is expecting doesn't kill him but instead leads him into a complex web of danger and destruction with another target on his back.

The pacing is blisteringly fast and my eyes were zipping down the page faster than my brain could read the words.  I absolutely love John Brownlow's style of writing; the chapters are short and punchy but every single word is impactful and effective.  A couple of chapters have no more than two words but they are perhaps the most heart-stopping and tense chapters I have ever read.

There aren't enough words to describe how amazing this book is - it's an absolute must-read and easily one of my favourite books of 2023.  I'm going to be shouting about Assassin Eighteen for a long time - it's JAWDROPPINGLY BRILLIANT!  DO NOT MISS IT!

I received an ARC to read and review for the blog tour and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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