Thursday 5 October 2023

Liar's Beach - Katie Cotugno

WE WERE LIARS meets GOSSIP GIRL - this YA thriller with a splash of dark academia is full of secrets, lies, privileged teens and beach parties. The perfect summer read.

A body in the pool. A friend who might be an enemy. A vacation they'll never forget . . .

Linden has always felt like an outsider and spending the summer at his best friend's vacation house, surrounded by money and privilege is doing nothing to lessen his imposter syndrome. But he soon has bigger concerns than fitting in - there's a body in the pool and everyone's a suspect - including him.

What did I think?

Liar’s Beach is an enjoyable YA thriller set in Martha’s Vineyard with a colourful cast of privileged characters.

Their wealth and entitlement doesn’t make the characters very lovable so when a body is found in the pool, it really could have been any one of them.  The concept of a body in the pool isn’t as gripping as you would imagine, but I don’t want to say anything more about it as it could spoil the story for others. 

The main character Linden is perhaps the most likeable character as he’s not rich and he’s like a fish out of water being played with by the elite sharks.  It was nice for Linden to see a familiar face in the form of Holiday, the daughter of his mother’s employer.  I loved the dynamic between Linden and Holiday and how they joined forces to crack the mystery of the body in the pool.

Well written and entertaining, Liar’s Beach would be a good poolside read for teens this summer.

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