Friday 24 November 2023

The Immortal Games - Annaliese Avery

An explosive romantasy YA, perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and Lore.

Every Lunar Eclipse signifies the beginning of The Immortal Games: an epic set of games played by the Gods of Olympus, with randomly-selected humans as their Tokens. The stakes are high; the Gods covet entertainment and glory above all else, for the Tokens, it's about survival.

17-year-old Ara wants revenge. Revenge on the Gods for allowing her older sister to die in the Games. She's determined to be selected as a Token and find a weapon powerful enough to kill a God. But when she's plucked from the clutches of death by Hades, God of the Underworld, the odds are stacked against her. Hades is the outcast of the Gods, and the only one who has never won the games. But he soon realises that Ara does not fear death, just as she does not fear him, and when a wager with Zeus and Poseidon puts both their futures at stake, the games take on a new meaning.

With each challenge, the games become more brutal. Can Ara put aside her rage and survive?

What did I think?

Oh I really enjoyed this book; it’s beautifully written and very entertaining.  

I’ve been reading more books based on Greek mythology lately so I absolutely loved the setting and Annaliese Avery’s stunning writing really brought the gods to life.  You can’t help but compare it with other YA novels of the same ilk as it even states in the blurb that this book is for fans of The Hunger Games, and whilst it does have some similarities, it’s also completely different.

I loved the main character of Ara - she is desperate to take part in The Immortal Games, not for fame and fortune but for revenge.  Her pain and torment is palpable throughout the book and I loved how her character developed as she went to war with her own feelings.

If readers of the Immortal Games aren’t already interested in Greek mythology, I think their interest will be well and truly piqued now.  I learned new things whilst reading and I wish textbooks were written with even half the passion as it really helps to retain information when it’s presented in such an enjoyable format.

It’s a wonderful YA debut and it’s as stunning inside as out.  Highly recommended.

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