Thursday 29 February 2024

The Long and Winding Road - Lesley Pearse

One of the world’s bestselling storytellers, Lesley Pearse writes brilliantly about survivors. Why? Because she is one herself . . .

Born during the Second World War, Lesley’s innocence came to an abrupt end when a neighbour found her, aged 3, coatless in the snow. The mother she’d been unable to wake had been dead for days. Sent to an orphanage, Lesley soon learned adults couldn’t always be trusted.

As a teenager in the swinging sixties, she took herself to London. Here, the second great tragedy of her life occurred. Falling pregnant, she was sent to a mother and baby home, and watched helplessly as her newborn was taken from her.

But like so many of her generation, Lesley had to carry on. She was, after all, a true survivor. Marriage and children followed – and all the while she nurtured a dream: to be a writer. Yet it wasn’t until at the age of 48 that her stories – of women struggling in a difficult world – found a publisher, and the bestseller lists beckoned.

As heartbreaking as it is heartwarming, Lesley’s story really is A Long and Winding Road with surprises and uplifting hope around every corner . . .

What did I think?

Oh my goodness, The Long and Winding Road by Lesley Pearse is a memoir filled with more drama than a whole series of Eastenders.  No wonder Lesley Pearse has written so many books, she has so much material from her own experiences.

If it didn't have 'My Autobiography' printed on the front cover, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is a work of fiction.  It is a story that is filled with so much warmth and character that it is incredibly easy to read and incredibly difficult to put down.

Lesley Pearse doesn't dwell on life's hurdles and her own heartbreak, she turns them into stories that have captivated readers for decades.  I felt like a sponge as I absorbed all of Lesley's life events and I was so saturated at the end that I shed a few tears...but, in true Lesley Pearse style, they were tears of happiness.

The Long and Winding Road is a truly captivating and inspirational memoir and I couldn't give it a sparkle less than 5 stars.  Very highly recommended.

I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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