Sunday 10 March 2024

BLOG TOUR: Simon Serrailler cases - The Vows of Silence - Susan Hill

A gunman is terrorising young women.

What links these seemingly random murders? Is the marksman with a rifle the same person as the killer with a handgun? Or do the police have two snipers on their hands?

Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Serrailler is in charge of the case, but is struggling to cope with a tragedy at the heart of his family.

The pressure is mounting...

What did I think?

Somehow, Susan Hill's Simon Serrailer series has stayed completely off my radar but now that I have read The Vows of Silence it is firmly in my sights.  This is book four in the Simon Serailler series and it can totally be read as a standalone as it was my introduction to the series and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Of course, jumping in mid-series means that you have missed some of the history of the characters but Susan Hill gives the reader enough of the relevant back stories so I didn't feel at a disadvantage at all, it's only made me hungry for more.

The village of Lafferton is shocked by the disturbing shootings of young women and DSC Simon Serrailler needs to get into the mind of the gunman to solve the crimes.  Simon has such a lot on his plate at the moment as his family are struggling to come to terms with a devastating diagnosis.  I really felt for Simon being pulled in so many different directions and it's so difficult to have to choose between work and family.

There are so many interwoven strands of the stunning plot to keep the reader entertained and on their toes.  You can't help but look suspiciously at each character and ask yourself if they are the one terrorising the village.  Simon's family tragedy was written with such sensitivity and poignancy and I'm not ashamed to say that it brought a tear to my eye.

Gripping, compelling and captivating, The Vows of Silence is a stunning crime fiction novel that shocked, surprised and entertained me from start to finish.  Susan Hill has a new fan; I will definitely be reading more of this fantastic series.

I received a gifted paperback from the publisher to read and review for the blog tour and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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