Saturday 2 January 2016

The Beer Guru's Guide - Chris Street

This book is for all who understand that drinking beer can be a religious experience, a portal to an alternative reality. This is the perfect gift for the millions who like a pint. It features marketing partnerships with breweries and pubs. The author is a high profile advertising creative who will attract media attention. It is fully illustrated throughout, and all for the price of just four pints. As a follower of the Barmy Swami, Chris Street is eminently qualified to reveal the mystical secrets of beer, its sacred nature and the path of the Beer Guru. Go on a quest for the Holy Ale, the sacred beer that flows from the Font of All Knowledge and which bestows infinite knowledge, immortality and enlightenment. Create your own beer temple, master the art of astral travel.

What did I think?

This was a very quick fun read with some absolutely cracking quotes from the beer guru himself.

"Life's short.  Drink as much as you can."

I have a really good sense of humour but didn't laugh as much as I expected.  Having said that, I still think this would be a really good gift book for anyone with a love of beer.

"After a couple of beers, you love everyone and everyone loves you.  Beer is liquid love."

The Beer Guru mentions a quest for the Holy Ale and anyone with a love of Real Ale will know exactly what this means.  Ale lovers the world over are sampling every ale they can, worshipping at the beer altar, until they find the ale that they worship above all others.  I have been on this quest for some time and set up my beer blog to catalogue my very own quest for the Holy Ale.  Please feel free to head over to Ale Be Seeing You to follow my quest.

There are some really good play on words, such as the Dalai Llager, that make this a really fun book that any beer lover will enjoy.

Many thanks to Amy from Souvenir Press for spotting my beer blog and sending me a copy of The Beer Guru's Guide.  It was my pleasure to read it, with a beer in hand, in exchange for an honest review.

My rating:

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