Sunday 17 January 2016

The Wind Guardian - Frank Scozzari

The ultimate threats facing United States come to life in Frank Scozzari's fast-paced thriller. With the help of an inside man, a group of determined terrorists siege a nuclear power plant, intending to spread radiation and wreak destruction into the world.

The only thing standing in their way are two misfit security guards, who return to their posts and realize what is happening in the power plant. The two soon find themselves in a battle against time and odds, as the terrorists facing them will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals.

The Wind Guardian exposes the vulnerability of a terrorist attack on one of our nation's nuclear power plants from an insider’s perspective.

What did I think?

I absolutely loved Frank Scozzari’s previous novel, From Afar, so I didn’t hesitate when I was invited to read his next book.  The Wind Guardian was clearly meticulously researched and so thorough that I almost feel like I could now apply to work in a nuclear power plant myself.

It started off with the murder of a security guard and continued at a hundred miles an hour, barely giving the reader time to draw breath.  As soon as the security pass has been stolen at the murder scene, and the night shift commences, the air is crackling with so much tension as you wait for the inevitable to happen.

Two of the guards have a mutual attraction and decide to meet up during their shift.  I loved the couldn’t-care-less attitude of Cameron and Grace as they experienced the excitement of new love.  Without spoiling the story, it falls to Cameron and Grace to save the whole plant when it comes under attack.  It is only due to them sneaking away to a dead zone for a bit of a canoodle that they survive the initial onslaught.

With terrorism so much on our minds now, this book is so realistic that it does actually give you chills while you are reading.  The lengths that people will go to for their beliefs or for money is quite astounding.  At the end of the book, when I finally caught my breath, I was thinking of what might have happened had the plan succeeded.  As much as this story is a 'what might have been', it could very easily be something that might happen. 

This story is written with so much tension; it’s fast paced and gripping.  It has an enough of a human element with Cameron and Grace’s story without it being too mushy.  I think it would make a really good film or tv mini-series and I wouldn't be surprised to see this snapped up and on our screens at some time in the future.

I really have to applaud Frank for writing two very different books; both are excellent and unputdownable for very different reasons. Frank Scozzari is certainly one to watch.

I received this e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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