Monday 7 March 2016

An Angry Orange Sky (Gordan Hudde #2) - Mark Hudson

Gordan Hudde was a tough soldier on the battle field, a problem solver of the most difficult situations for the CIA; risking everything for the country he loves. A hard life has created a hard man, now how does operative Gordan Hudde learn to take a vacation? A beautiful, exotic woman, a harsh street gang, the brutal cartels, and the uncaring/corrupt government he worked for represented by the CIA and the DEA come together at a beach resort in Mexico. The woman wants to love him; everyone else may want to kill him. Sexual tension, suspense and incredible violence will make it impossible to put down An Angry Orange Sky. 

What did I think?

Having thoroughly enjoyed A Deep Purple Hue last month, I was eager to immerse myself once again in the life of Gordan Hudde.  An Angry Orange Sky sees Gordan Hudde taking a well earned rest in Mexico.  Although Hudde by his nature is never at rest and is constantly on high alert.

I found this book a little harder to get into as I'm not terribly interested in Mexican drug cartels and always find it hard to identify one Juan from another; needless to say there is lots of shouting and shooting as rival gangs go up against each other.  There is also a lot of detail as every hour, mile and metre is specified - I found it a bit off-putting at first but I soon got used to it as my brain adjusted to not having to remember every single number stated.

About half way through we start to see the sensitive side to Hudde as a pretty Mexican lady catches his eye.  He is soon drawn into the bosom of her family and considers putting down roots south of the border.  He just has a few Mexicans to sort out before he and Isabella can live happily ever after.  Will they drive off into the sunset or get caught in the crossfire?

With plenty of shocks and surprises, An Angry Orange Sky does not disappoint and I have no doubt that we will be hearing a lot more from Gordan Hudde, at least I certainly hope so!

I received this e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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