Monday 28 March 2016

The Secrets of Castle Du Rêve - Hannah Emery

In the quaint, seaside town of Silenshore a legacy of secrets is about to be revealed...

Growing up in the imposing Castle du Rêve during 1940s wartime, young Evelyn longs for a life outside the castle walls. She dreams of attending glamorous parties, gracing the silver screen and being swept off her feet by a dashing, debonair beau. But innocent Evelyn is unaware that her bid for freedom from the oppressive castle will change the course of more than just her life...

In the early Sixties, sweet, intelligent Victoria meets the man of her dreams! Yet the expression of their love comes with consequences. In the shadow of the mysterious castle, is their relationship doomed from the start?

In the present day, Isobel has just learned she’s pregnant. An unexpected challenge she can only hope she’s up to. Except living in the father of her child’s family home, beneath the eyes of the castle, all is not as it seems… Soon secrets that have been hidden for decades threaten to change the lives of Isobel’s new family irrevocably.

Three women’s lives tangled together in a web of secrets, scandal and deceit, as the legacy of Castle du Rêve is finally discovered…

What did I think?

With chapters told through the eyes of Evelyn, Victoria and Isobel we catch glimpses of life in the shadow of the Castle Du Rêve in the 1940's, 1960's and 2010 respectively.  These three very different women's lives are interwoven although they (and the reader) are not aware of exactly how until the very end.  

Evelyn grew up during World War II when the Castle Du Rêve was used as a safe place to stay for children from London.  As Evelyn makes temporary friends she longs for a life outside of the castle and wanders into a strange Aladdin's cave of a shop one day where she meets Jack.  Jack promises her a life of stardom in London but things change once they are married.

Victoria is blossoming into a young woman during the 1960's.  When she falls in love with handsome lecturer, Henry, she imagines a life together away from her oppressive father but Henry has a secret he has kept from Victoria.  A secret that will cost Victoria dearly.

Isobel has only been seeing Tom for a few months when she discovers that she is pregnant, and as they both live in tiny flats they have no option but to move into Tom's family home.  Isobel has a feeling that all is not as it seems and she wonders whether Tom told her all of his secrets or if Tom's mother, Daphne, is keeping secrets of her own.

The stories are so intriguing and captivating that this was more of a page-turner than I expected.  With the heart-rendering addition of letters that Henry has written to Victoria along the way I was amazed that I held my tears in until the end.  As the castle gave up all of its secrets, I found myself hoping that they can all now live happily ever after.

With a castle, a curse and bursting with family secrets, The Secrets of Castle Du Rêve is a book full of mystery and intrigue; so beautifully written and filled with emotion that you would need to have a heart of stone to remain dry-eyed at the end.

I received this e-book from the publisher, HarperImpulse, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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