Wednesday 31 August 2016

Environmentally Friendly - Elias Zanbaka

Out of seven billion people, one man has declared war on Mother Nature and plans to bring it to its knees.

Out of all the criminals in Los Angeles, he's the number one target being hunted by the LAPD tonight.

And out of the entire LAPD, one officer is hell-bent on helping him complete his mission.

What did I think?

Environmentally Friendly is a short story and a very fast-paced one at that.  Although just 19 pages long, it is descriptive, dramatic and powerful with a very interesting storyline.

An army veteran has broken out of a psychiatric ward and is waging war on mother nature in revenge for losing his squad, not in combat, but in a natural disaster.  He is armed with a flamethrower and a chainsaw and the fine officers of the LAPD are ready to shoot to kill as required.  One of the policeman has other ideas as he guides the veteran onto a movie set and recreates a tsunami, allowing the veteran to get his revenge after all.

It was a really interesting premise to use the power of nature instead of weapons to catch an escapee.  The description of the tsunami was very dramatic and it was actually quite tear-jerking to see the effects of combat on this veteran.

The author should be applauded for such a unique storyline and for portraying the recapture of the veteran in such a humanitarian way when it could so easily have ended in a bloodbath.

I received this e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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