Tuesday 27 December 2016

The Dear God Letters - Claire H Perkins

You are not alone. Not for one minute, not for one second do you ever need to feel alone.

This is a year's journal of letters, letters to God. Not the God that is supposed to be feared, nor the God that will strike you down if you do something 'wrong'. It's not a religious book. This is a book that will bring you comfort, serenity and peace in a crazy world.

Claire writes letters to God asking questions such as:
If love is all there is, why are there terrorists?
Why do I feel that I never have enough money?
Is there a heaven?
How to find proof of God
Is death the end?
Why is it so hard to be patient?
How do you fall in love with your life?
What do you do when you have eternity to live?

The answers are astoundingly simple yet they comfort enormously.....Fear leaves, uncertainty is banished and you are left with an understanding that there is no separateness, that you are eternal and much loved.

God is approachable and God is listening.

What did I think?

It is a unique experience to read what is inside someone's mind and I felt that Claire H Perkins has really bared her soul in The Dear God Letters.  It was a privilege and an honour to read her thoughts and it is a book that I would read and refer to again.

I loved how the book was written in months with each chapter starting with a little paragraph which perfectly captured the essence of the month itself.  The questions and thoughts within are deep and meaningful with some eye-opening answers from God aka Claire's inner being.  Whichever God you believe in, he/she lives inside all of us so we only have to look deep within ourselves for the answers that we crave.

I think I need to read the book again as it's quite short at 90 pages, and I did rocket through it, as I didn't feel that it spoke to me as much as Life Purpose.  It did, however, lead me to seek out my own inner voice.  Once I find it, I intend to listen to it and perhaps I will have the amazing experience that Claire clearly has.

It's not a religious book but whatever your belief or religion, The Dear God Letters will bring peace and understanding if you allow it into your soul.

I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating:

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