Wednesday 2 August 2017

He Said/She Said - Erin Kelly

Don't be left in the dark.

In the hushed aftermath of a total eclipse, Laura witnesses a brutal attack. She and her boyfriend Kit call the police, and in that moment, four lives change forever.

Fifteen years on, Laura and Kit live in fear.

And while Laura knows she was right to speak out, she also knows that you can never see the whole picture: something is always hidden . . . something she never could have guessed.

What did I think?

Well there could have been a total eclipse of the sun and I would not have noticed whilst reading He Said/She Said; I'd no sooner picked it up than I was engrossed and unable to put it down until I'd finished.  The mark of a good book!

Laura and Kit are looking forward to the birth of their twins, although Kit is heading off to the Faroe Islands for an eclipse and Laura is suffering palpitations of fear.  Fear that Beth will turn up to threaten their happy existence.  The story flash backs to 1999, when Laura and Kit first meet Beth as they stumble upon her allegedly being raped.  Laura and Kit become key witnesses in the trial but how much did they really see and how much of what Beth is saying is true?  Clearly something went sour as Laura is afraid of running into Beth now so my fingers literally could not turn the pages fast enough to find out the whole story!

This is a book that I intended to start and read over the next few days...I couldn't have been more wrong as I read it as fast as I possibly could.  I picked it up and could not put it down, I ended up reading until my eyes hurt.  I swung back and forth between whether Jamie was guilty or not but there was so much more to uncover.  Beth reminded me of Jennifer Jason Leigh's creepy character in Single White Female; she seemed to latch on to Laura like a limpet and even a crow bar wouldn't get her off.

Aside from the story around the court case, I loved the description of the eclipse; the coolness of the wind and the eerie silence as the moon crossed infront of the sun.  I also have to give a special shout out to Newcastle Central Station and our famous bridges for getting a mention in Kit's journey to the Faroe Islands.

I was hooked, intrigued and totally addicted to He Said/She Said, putting Erin Kelly firmly on my radar of authors to look out for.  A scorching novel that kept me riveted from start to finish and barely able to breathe until I turned the final page.

I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating:

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