Tuesday 1 August 2017

Praying For Sleep - Jeffery Deaver

Michael Hrubek, a young schizophrenic, has escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane. And he's making his way towards Lis Atcheson, the teacher who testified at his trial.

Four people are racing to intercept him before he finds her. His psychiatrist; the hospital director; a professional tracker. And Lis's husband, who plans to stop Hrubek before the madman reaches his wife.

But Michael's mind - with its delusions of murder and betrayal - is crystal clear about one thing. He knows Lis better than she knows herself. And he carries with him a monstrous secret that will tear apart many lives in the course of one horrifying night...

What did I think?

I apologise in advance for the short review as I wasted too much time reading this book to write about it.  I've read Jeffery Deaver for many years now and this doesn't even come close to the Lincoln Rhyme and Kathryn Dance thrillers.  I wasn't hooked, I wasn't thrilled, I was praying for it to end.

Michael Hrubek has escaped from a mental institution and despite everyone knowing where he is going - to find Lis Atcheson, who was a witness at his trial, they feel the need to track him across country.  Even Lis's husband joins in the chase, with me thinking he would be better off at home protecting his wife if he cares that much about her.  Why go looking for someone when you know where they will be? So after MANY days of tracking Hrubek, he finally turns up at Lis's farmhouse and you know that not everyone will leave there alive.

I really struggled with this one; I found it boring with too many characters and I had little care about who they were or how they fitted into the story.  If this was my first Deaver, I wouldn't read any more.  I do think I have been spoilt by reading so many good books of late, but I will definitely stick to the Rhyme and Dance books from now on.

My rating:

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