Thursday 3 May 2018

Bookmagnet Best Bookish Buys: The Library Book Cushion

This month's best bookish buy comes from a surprising place: homeware store, The Range.  I saw this posted on one of my many Facebook groups and thought it was perfect for my reading chair.  So I sent my personal shopper (my Mam) along to The Range at the MetroCentre to pick one up for me.

Measuring approximately 43cm long by 33cm wide, it's a lovely plump cushion around 10cm deep.  Currently priced at £8.99, I think it's an absolute bargain and you could often expect to pay that for just the cover but you get both the cover and the cushion.  It's perfectly sized for lower back support whilst reading and despite repeated use, it still bounces back into its lovely plump shape.

The only thing I don't like about it is the plain brown back.  I would have much preferred to pay a bit more for the tapestry style print to cover both sides.  Not that it matters, as you can't see the back of the cushion, but I know it's there and I don't like brown!


Here's a close up of the tapestry style texture of the front of the cushion.  It really is beautiful, although you can't read the book spines no matter how hard you try!

The Range also have foam seat pads for kitchen or patio chairs at £6.99 each.  Delivery is £3.95 if your local The Range doesn't have one in stock.

The Library Book Cushion from The Range is a Bookmagnet Best Bookish Buy and a really unusual gift for any book lover.

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