Tuesday 29 May 2018

Guilt - Amanda Robson

Your sister. Her secret. The betrayal.

There is no bond greater than blood . . .

When the body of a woman is found stabbed to death, the blame falls to her twin sister. But who killed who? And which one is now the woman behind bars?

Zara and Miranda have always supported each other. But then Zara meets Seb, and everything changes. Handsome, charismatic and dangerous, Seb threatens to tear the sisters’ lives apart – but is he really the one to blame? Or are deeper resentments simmering beneath the surface that the sisters must face up to?

As the sisters’ relationship is stretched to the brink, a traumatic incident in Seb’s past begins to rear its head and soon all three are locked in a psychological battle that will leave someone dead. The question is, who?

What did I think?

Short, punchy chapters make Guilt a rocket-fuelled read.  One sister is dead and one is in jail, but which is which?  I changed my mind SO many times, so I can either say I was right or wrong, but one thing I'm sure about is that I was thoroughly entertained whilst reading Guilt.

The bright cover caught my eye and, having seen lots of chat on social media, I snapped up a copy when I saw an ebook in my local library.  This is the sort of book you would pick up on a weekend and never put down, however, I chose this as my 'day' book so I read it over the course of 3 days.  It is so cleverly written that you don't know whose voice you are listening to in the present as you investigate the past.  

Zara and Miranda are two sisters who were so close that they lived together.  Miranda has always felt as if she had to look after Zara, for reasons that become clear when you start reading the book, but now Zara has found Seb she doesn't need Miranda so much.  Seb seems to be the perfect boyfriend for Zara on the outside but inside he is dark and twisted and is determined to tear the sisters apart forever.  Why would he do this?  How would he even manage to come between two very close sisters?  All this and more are answered in Guilt.

I absolutely loved Guilt; it is just the sort of book you need now and again to reinvigorate your reading mojo; the type of book to get your heart racing and your eyes greedily devouring every last word.  I do have a copy of Amanda Robson's debut, Obsession, in my own library so I definitely plan to read that soon.

Guilt is a fast-paced, thrilling and compulsive read that had my heart pounding and my brain twisting; Amanda Robson has definitely secured a top spot in the psychological thriller genre with Guilt.

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