Tuesday 21 August 2018

BLOG BLITZ: The Last Plantagenet? - Jennifer C. Wilson

The fireplace hadn't looked like a time-portal. 

All Kate had wanted was a fun, relaxing day out, watching the knights jousting at Nottingham Castle. What she ended up with was something quite different. 

Transported in a heartbeat from 2011 to 1485, how will Kate handle life at the Ricardian court? Even more importantly, how will she cope when she catches the eye of the king himself?

What did I think?

As a fan of Jennifer C. Wilson's Kindred Spirits series, I couldn't wait to dive into The Last Plantagenet? and with such a brilliant opening line shown on the front of the book, I knew straight away that it was going to be a good one!  It's a short story so it only took me about an hour to read it but it left me with a lovely warm feeling that I can still conjure now by just thinking about the book.  It's a timeslip story so we meet an historical figure in his own time period, rather than the ghosts in modern day settings that we encounter in the Kindred Spirits books.

Kate is wandering around Nottingham Castle during a War of the Roses re-enactment when the heavens open.  She heads inside to shelter from the rain and finds herself standing before the old kitchen fireplace.  Before she knows it, she finds herself transported to 1485 and into the kitchen of King Richard III's court.  Mistaken for a kitchen maid, she ends up serving the king, just as fate intended.  As soon as Richard claps eyes on Kate he makes his intentions clear and the pair end up embarking on a love affair that is so beautfully romantic that I even found myself falling in love with King Richard a little bit myself.  Kate reminded me of Cinderella as she is elevated from kitchen maid to lover of the king, and many little girls' fantasy (ok, mine) of meeting a handsome prince is fulfilled.

As Kate counts down the days to the 22nd August and the infamous Battle of Bosworth Field, she tries to warn Richard but a ghostly monk appears to make sure that she doesn't alter history.  Kate must stand by and watch Richard ride to his death whilst she embarks on her return to 2011, along with some treasured gifts that Richard bestowed on her.

Jennifer C. Wilson gets to play out her ultimate fantasy in The Last Plantagenet? and her love for Richard III shines through every page.  Jennifer is a one woman quest to right the wrongs that Richard III has suffered over the years as she attempts, and succeeds, to scrub out the image of the hunchbacked child killer that the Tudors painted.  

The Last Plantagenet? is a beautiful love story that stands the test of time as Kate meets her prince, despite living 526 years apart.  This spellbinding, imaginative romance is pure escapism written by Richard III's number one fan and I absolutely adored it.  The Last Plantagenet? is going on my 'to be read again' pile.

I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating:

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About the author:
Jennifer is a marine biologist by training, who developed an equal passion for history whilst stalking Mary, Queen of Scots of childhood holidays (she since moved on to Richard III). She completed her BSc and MSc at the University of Hull, and has worked as a marine environmental consultant since graduating. 

Enrolling on an adult education workshop on her return to the north-east reignited Jennifer’s pastime of creative writing, and she has been filling notebooks ever since. In 2014, Jennifer won the Story Tyne short story competition, and also continues to work on developing her poetic voice, reading at a number of events, and with several pieces available online. Her Kindred Spirits novels are published by Crooked Cat Books and available via Amazon.

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