Monday 1 July 2019

Over Your Shoulder - CJ Carver

Loving someone doesn't mean trusting them...
You love them both, but can you trust them?

Twelve years ago, Nick’s brother, Rob, drowned.  His body was never found.  When Nick met Susie at his brother’s funeral, he thought it was destiny.

But when Rob suddenly re-appears, Nick is forced to examine everything he once knew. Why do the police want to talk to Rob? And what is he running away from?

Nick wants to find his brother but if he does, he risks losing the woman he loves. Because Susie has her own secrets, and as the truth emerges, Nick finds it is those closest to us we should fear the most…

What did I think?

Wow that was a good read.  I have a few CJ Carver books in my TBR and they have just shot up the queue based on this outstanding thriller.  I do love books filled with secrets and I don't think any more could have been crammed into this book and I realised towards the end that I was reading in a perpetual state of wide eyed shock and surprise.

Nick is a great central character; he's family oriented and extremely likeable but I felt like he was in the middle of a merry-go-round with his world spinning before his eyes.  It must have been quite a shock to see his brother, Rob, on TV, especially when Rob had been missing presumed dead for twelve years.  It was actually at Rob's funeral where Nick originally met Susie, the woman he went on to marry.  Uh-oh, I've watched enough spy dramas to suspect an orchestrated meeting, but what would Susie have to gain from marrying Nick?  Susie didn't give me any reason to suspect her, although we find out she has her own secrets, but my brain was in complete overdrive that I even had her painted as a Russian spy at one point.

So many questions buzzed around my head in relation to Rob.  He didn't just disappear, he faked his own death.  What or who is he running away from?  It definitely felt like the danger levels were ramped up to maximum when Rob stuck his head above the parapet.  I couldn't read fast enough to unearth all of the secrets; the majority of which managed to surprise me.  One little surprise was spoiled slightly though, so hopefully it will be corrected in the final print version; Nick and a passenger are driving in one car with his brother in the car behind but Nick refers to his band of merry men as being 'four of us'.  For a split second I thought I'd missed something but I'm a numbers queen so I immediately suspected a stowaway.  I didn't guess who it was though so part of the surprise did work.

Over Your Shoulder is a superb story; it's gripping right from the start and doesn't loosen its hold one bit until the final page is turned.  Chock full of shocks and surprises, it's a fast-paced gripper of a thriller.

I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating:

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