Thursday 16 April 2020

Atone (A Taryn Winter Crime Thriller Book 2) - Karen Crawford

Retired Detective Taryn Winter returns to consult for Las Vegas Metro Detective Daniel Brady and FBI Special Agent Jenae Shannon. They are tracking an elusive opponent who has been watching them and learning their secrets - their vulnerabilities. 

After a near miss the first time, the three are determined to put an end to the killing spree, embarking upon an investigation that will take them to remote places in Nevada and Arizona. 

The killer is leaving a trail, hoping to lure them into a trap. But there are unexpected twists, sparking an evolution that could lead to more violence and unpredictable behavior. 

An obsession with Taryn Winter will bring the killer back to Las Vegas and force a second confrontation. Will their own vulnerabilities be used against them?

Will the Vegas trio be prepared for a new game with a ruthless killer?

What did I think?

I was totally blown away by Underbelly, the first book in the Taryn Winter series, which ends on a bit of a cliffhanger so I was chomping at the bit to read Atone.  As it's very much a continuation of the story, you do need to read Underbelly first in order to get the most out of Atone.  Also if you read them out of order, you'll find out who the killer is in Underbelly so I would definitely advise starting at the beginning of this outstanding series.

Picking up where Underbelly left off, we follow the killer out of Las Vegas and the focus is on them for the first half of the book.  Although I love reading about the working relationship between Taryn and Daniel, I really enjoyed seeing inside the mind of a murderer so I wasn't too disappointed at the shift in focus.  I usually don't have any empathy with the baddie but Karen Crawford really turns her character inside out and I found it made the killer more human than monster as they wrestle with their emotions and we learn about their past.

I can't really say anything about the superb plot as it could give too much away and spoil the story, especially if you haven't read Underbelly yet.  With plenty of shocks and surprises in store, Atone is as fast-paced, gritty and outstanding as Underbelly but the pair of them together are out of this world AMAZING.  If you'll forgive me for keep mentioning Underbelly, but the pair of them go together like two halves of the same whole and I really can't recommend them highly enough.

Atone is an outstanding, and very well named, conclusion to the story that started in Underbelly; Underbelly left me completely speechless but Karen Crawford has really hit one out of the park with Atone.  The writing is vivid and dramatic and I was so invested in the story that I had more than my fair share of gasp out loud moments.  The character development is excellent and as Karen Crawford gives us a glimpse inside their minds, I felt like I knew them personally.  I am most definitely a huge fan of the Taryn Winter Crime Thriller series and I can't wait to see what her next case might be.  

i chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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