Wednesday 28 October 2020

A Long Cool Glass of Murder (The Terry Bell Mysteries Book 2) - Colin Garrow


A dead client lands Terry in hot water – and not just with the police.

When taxi driver and amateur sleuth Terry takes on a new client, he doesn’t expect her to turn up dead. With echoes of his recent past coming back to haunt him, can he work out what’s going on before someone else gets killed?

‘Charis Brown's elfin-like smile was, like the footsteps on the stairs, noticeably absent. She looked at me, looked at the dead woman and let out the sort of sigh I knew from experience meant it was going to be a long night.’

‘A Long Cool Glass of Murder’ is book #2 in the Terry Bell Mystery series.

What did I think?

The Terry Bell Mysteries are turning into an amazing series and I'm so glad that I have discovered these hidden gems.  A Long Cool Glass of Murder is book two and although I'm reading the books in order (at the time of writing there are four books in the series) Colin Garrow has included an excellent recap of book one, Death on a Dirty Afternoon, for any readers new to the series.  So you can definitely read this as an excellent standalone but I heartily recommend that you read the whole brilliant series.

The story is set in a taxi firm in my native North East, just over the Tyne in Whitley Bay and there is brilliant banter between all of the colourful characters.  Taxi driver Terry Bell always seems to turn up in the wrong place at the wrong time and turns to amateur sleuthing to clear his name.  It helps that he went to school with the local detective otherwise he would have a lot more explaining to do; Charis just rolls her eyes and accepts that it's Terry getting himself in hot water again.

The writing is accomplished, the story is entertaining, the characters are well developed and the clever plot is completely riveting - A Long Cool Glass of Murder has it all and ticks all of the boxes of a five star read.  At the heart of A Long Cool Glass of Murder is an outstanding murder mystery; its a whodunnit that Agatha Christie would be proud of as Colin Garrow managed to tie my brain into knots wondering how, why, when, what the...

A Long Cool Glass of Murder is an awesome novella, it's great fun to read and an absolutely brilliant whodunnit.  There's so much going on in its 230 pages and it's so perfectly paced that you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a full length novel; Colin Garrow yet again proves that it's quality over quantity that counts.  Highly recommended - I loved it.

I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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