Thursday 8 October 2020

BLOG TOUR: Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble: Magical Poems - Paul Cookson


Can you hear the distant dragon's rumble of thunder? And smell the sweet swampy aroma of the ogre? Can you taste the tangy tarantula tarts? And see the girl who's really a wizard? From magic carpets and wands to unicorns, potions, creams and lotions, Paul Cookson's brewing a spell of fantastically magic poems. 

On this tattered magic carpet 
You can choose your destination 
For nothings quite as magical 
As your imagination 

Beautifully illustrated, this enchanting anthology brings together work from a range of classic, established and rising poets including Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Benjamin Zephaniah, John Agard, Valerie Bloom, Matt Goodfellow, Joshua Seigal and A.F. Harrold. Whether you're in the mood for a haunting or a spell gone wrong, this collection of mesmerising poems will have you bewitched from beginning to end!

What did I think?

Bloomsbury have really outdone themselves with this beautiful cloth bound hardback; it's a book to be treasured and brought out every year as the nights become cold and dark.  Not only is it beautiful on the outside but the poems chosen by Paul Cookson and the illustrations by Eilidh Muldoon on the inside are absolutely breathtaking too.

Paul Cookson has done a wonderful job of gathering together magical poems in this Halloween anthology.  Poems from the classic such as Shakespeare, Carroll and Tennyson alongside modern poems that tickled and delighted me.  I couldn't possibly pick a favourite as they are all wonderful and some made me laugh while some gave me the shivers but the quality of the writing is exceptionally high.  

It's amazing how the writing from the likes of William Shakespeare and Lewis Carroll have stood the test of time, the former's poem from Macbeth lending the title of the book.  They really didn't seem out of place set among the modern poems, which undoubtedly had more fun and humour in them but seem like modern classics in their own right.

Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble is a wonderful mix of classic and modern magical poems that are perfect for, but not limited to, Halloween.  It's a wonderful book for kids of any age from 8 to 80 and I'll certainly be treasuring my copy.

I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating:

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About the author:

Paul Cookson lives in Retford with his wife, two children, a dog and several ukuleles. He has worked as a poet since 1989 and has visited thousands of schools and performed to hundreds of thousands of pupils and staff. Paul is the official Poet in Residence for the National Football Museum, the Poetry Ambassador for United Learning and Poet Laureate for Slade. He worked as the Poet for Everton Collection at Liverpool Library, was Poet in Residence for Literacy Times Plus and, as part of the National Year of Reading, was nominated a National Reading Hero and received his award at 10 Downing Street. Paul has 60 titles to his name and poems that appear in over 200 other books. His work has taken him all over the world from Argentina, Uganda and Malaysia to France, Germany and Switzerland.

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