Monday 21 December 2020

I've Been Watching You - KA Richardson


Ben Cassidy is a new crime scene investigator and is finding her feet juggling work and motherhood. Keen to better herself, she enrols on a course in Digital Forensics and meets Jacob Tulley, an ex-army veteran struggling with his past.

When Detective Inspector Alistair McKay and the team are called to a suspected hit and run involving a care home worker, Ben suspects there is more to it, and uncovers a link to a series of murders that hits far too close to home.

Ben and Jacob must work together when evidence of a digital footprint emerges from the killer who knows how to cover his tracks. He’s confident they can’t find him, and when he realises ‘the one who got away’ is under his nose, sets out to finish the job he started.

Can Ben cope with overwhelming memories, can Jacob put his past aside to help Ben and DI McKay gather the evidence needed, and can they stop the cycle of victims?

What did I think?

Oh my word, this book is SO creepy.  KA Richardson has created a stalker on steroids in her recently republished novel, I've Been Watching You.  I have read a few of KA Richardson's later novels so I know how dark they can get but I've Been Watching You still had my skin crawling; it's that creepy feeling of someone watching your every move without you realising it.

The storyline has two main threads: the stalker serial killer and the blossoming relationship between two damaged characters who are hunting the murderer.  This is one heck of a sick, twisted killer but I loved how we get a glimpse of their past, not so much to explain why they're doing what they're doing but to see what broke them.  That's as close as I'm getting to talking about the plot for fear of spoiling it for others.

I loved the characters of Ben Cassidy and Jacob Tulley who both have very disturbing back stories of their own.  It's no wonder that they are drawn to each other like magnets as they must be able to see similarities to themselves in each other.  It's wonderful to see that both characters are very family oriented and they are as important to their families as their families are to them.

As I've read KA Richardson's books out of order, it was great to see characters I recognised and it felt like meeting an old friend you haven't seen for years.  I certainly wouldn't mind having some of these strong, loyal and determined characters on my team.  As I've Been Watching You is set in the North East of England, particularly Sunderland, it's also great to see locations I know; I'll never tire of reading books set in my native North East.

Prepare to have your skin crawling when you read this creepfest from KA Richardson; I've Been Watching You is dark, creepy and completely addictive.

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