Wednesday 24 February 2021

BLOG TOUR: Singapore Fire (An Ash Carter Mystery-Thriller Book 6) - Murray Bailey

The Endgame.

Once again caught between the government and the criminal gangs, it's time for Carter to choose.

Escape now or stand and fight?

What did I think?

I jumped into the Ash Carter thriller series at book 5 (Singapore Killer) and absolutely loved it, proving that each novel can be read as a standalone.  The same can indeed be said for book 6, Singapore Fire,  which is the final instalment in the series.  Whilst I delighted in catching up with some old characters, I certainly wouldn't have lost any enjoyment in the novel if I hadn't read any of the previous books.

Ash Carter is a private investigator in 1950s Singapore.  Being ex-army, he has great rapport with local police and has useful contacts in the military.  When he starts investigating Andrew Yipp, a businessman and head of a secret society, Carter has a slight conflict of interest: he's in love with Yipp's niece, Su Ling.  Yipp also has his eye on Carter and both men are willing to fight to the death, but neither man wants Su Ling caught in the crossfire.  With Carter and Su Ling planning to flee Singapore, will Carter choose love over getting his man?

So I thought I had the ending of Singapore Fire all worked out then BAM!, Murray Bailey totally took the rug out from under me!  It actually couldn't have been a better conclusion but I really didn't see it coming at all.  My lips are sealed so I don't spoil it for others but take my word for it, it is jaw-droppingly good.

I should also mention that there are elements of grooming, child abuse and rape in the novel that make for slightly uncomfortable reading.  It's not particularly graphic but rape is never pleasant reading.  I just think that perhaps a trigger warning might be useful for some readers to be made aware of this in advance.

Blisteringly fast paced and atmospheric, with a plot that sizzles like a stick of dynamite, Singapore Fire is a stunning conclusion to the Ash Carter series.  If you read Singapore Fire as a standalone, you will definitely want to read all the earlier books in the series.  Gripping, breathtaking and heartpoundingly thrilling, Singapore Fire is well worthy of 5 stars.

Many thanks to the author for providing a copy of his book for me to read and review for the blog tour; this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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